Materials science and engineering concerns the study and application of various materials, including but not limited to metals, ceramics, composites, polymers, glass, carbon, refractories, nanomaterials, semiconductors, thin films, biomaterials and functionally graded materials. The field encompasses an investigation of the relationships between processing, structure and properties of particular materials and classes of materials. Often these studies and evaluations are conducted with sophisticated tools allowing the materials scientist to design and engineer materials at a microscopic, nanoscale, or even atomic level. Materials science and engineering also includes the development of new materials, the application of existing materials within new fields, and the engineering of materials into products, systems and assemblies.

At Price Heneveld, we work with our clients to obtain and enforce patents covering technologies within or touching on the field of materials science and engineering. As having our own expertise in developing, characterizing and applying materials, we can partner with our clients’ counsel, inventors, and experts in driving patent protection that encompasses materials-related technologies.