About Us

We understand that in today’s technologically competitive environment, a company’s intellectual property —its innovations and creativity— is one of its most valuable assets. We collaboratively and creatively protect our clients’ innovations and solve their intellectual property related challenges.

History 01.

Our practice was founded in 1952 by Peter P. Price, who believed West Michigan industry deserved the benefit of a world class, locally based intellectual property law firm. Price, a former Boeing aircraft engineer and a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, was joined three years later by Lloyd A. Heneveld, a graduate of the University of Michigan and George Washington University Law School.

As the partners built their practice throughout the next decade, their reputation flourished. Major corporations from around the United States began turning to the firm with their intellectual property litigation. The firm also initiated an active international practice, which has grown with its clients’ expanding visions.

Today, Price Heneveld represents clients from across the nation and around the world. The firm is involved in every aspect of intellectual property law, from licensing to litigation. Having earned our clients’ confidence, we are trusted to provide thorough, insightful work . . . with satisfying results.

Mission 02.

We are dedicated to building on our sixty plus year legacy of excellence, to help our clients become world leaders in their respective industries.

The mission of the attorneys, staff and international associates of Price Heneveld is to serve the worldwide intellectual property law needs of our clients in a prompt, high-quality, cost-effective, result-oriented, courteous and ethical manner.

Expertise 03.

Our attorneys are experts in United States and international intellectual property law. With extensive experience and a commitment to ongoing education, we have the expertise to successfully obtain, enforce or defend our clients’ intellectual property rights anywhere, worldwide. In addition to legal expertise, our attorneys are proficient in all technical disciplines:

• Biochemistry
• Biotechnology
• Chemical Engineering
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Electrical Engineering
• Food Sciences
• Material Science
• Mechanical Engineering
• Pharmaceutical Science
• Horticultural Sciences
• Industrial Design