Understanding our clients’ products and industries is of critical importance to us. Our clients’ intellectual property rights have always been our sole concern, and this focus has helped our firm thrive. By concentrating our energies in one area of expertise, we have become the largest intellectual property law firm in western Michigan…and an international leader in our field.

We welcome the opportunity to help protect your company’s ideas and innovations. If you have questions about your intellectual property rights, please contact us for a personal consultation. After all, we understand as well as you do that your company’s creativity is likely its most valuable asset. It’s a privilege to serve all our clients — individual and corporate — emerging, midsize, and large. Our legal professionals have expertise to manage the wide range of our clients’ unique needs.

Representative Clients

Aspen Surgical Products, Inc.
Corning Incorporated
Ford Global Technologies
Gentex Corporation
GHSP, Inc.

Hortech, Inc.
Leco Corporation
NASA Langley Research Center
Performance Fabrics, Inc.
Quality Edge, Inc.

SAF-Holland, Inc.
Steelcase Inc.
Western Michigan University
Whirlpool Corporation