According to the American Chemical Society, biotechnology (biotech) involves “the study and use of living organisms or cell processes to make useful products.” Patent law is dedicated to the protection of inventions that are new and useful, so there is a common convergence between patent law and biotechnology. Biotechnology has become highly prevalent in recent advancements in a number of fields such as pharmaceutical development, agriculture, nutrition, and the treatment of diseases. Since 1996, the FDA has approved numerous biologics (products of biotech) for use and the number of approved products is steadily on the rise.

At Price Heneveld, we partner with our clients in their biotech discoveries looking to patent not only biologics, but also the inventive processes used to create them. Further, Price Heneveld educates clients on best practices for recording and documenting their biotech discoveries over the course of research and development to ensure that patentability is not lost.