Chemical engineering, broadly speaking, is the engineering used to transform raw materials into a finished product using a repeatable process that provides a predictable financial outcome. The process of transforming raw materials into a finished product typically involves unit operations where heat is transferred (for example, a heat exchanger to remove heat from a material) and/or where mass is transferred (for example, a distillation column to remove one chemical from many chemicals). Chemical engineering applies to many industries, including the petrochemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry. In addition, chemical engineers are often called upon to devise methods and structures to capture harmful chemicals used in a process to prevent the release of the harmful chemical into the environment.

Price Heneveld has an abundance of experience in evaluating chemical engineering processes to determine the patentability of those processes. Price Heneveld has applied for and received many patents covering chemical engineering processes and the products of those processes for our clients. Further, Price Heneveld has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including the pharmaceutical and food industries, to develop strategies to avoid infringing patents already in existence.