According to the Institute of Food Technologists, Food Science “draws from many disciplines such as biology, chemical engineering, and biochemistry in an attempt to better understand food processes and ultimately improve food products for the general public.” Food scientists study different aspects of the makeup of food to develop safe, tasty, and nutritious foods.  These foods can supplement vitamins, assist with weight loss, and/or help with a variety of other issues (digestive, eyesight, age management, etc.)

At Price Heneveld, we have experience dealing with both the prosecution and litigation of food science patents and trade secrets. We appreciate the intricacies that can make food science an intellectual property asset. This includes methods of manufacturing food, methods of isolating certain items to be placed in and/or removed from food, and the inventive food items themselves. Most importantly, Price Heneveld follows the ever changing landscape of legal developments with food science, including packaging, claim substantiation, and different ways of protecting inventions and secrets. Price Heneveld has a number of attorneys with biological and/or chemical related degrees to provide a wealth of experience with food science intellectual property issues.