Industrial design is the professional service of creating and developing concepts and specifications that make products and services more aesthetically pleasing, more compelling to use, and more relevant to customers. Industrial designers develop these concepts and specifications through collection, analysis and synthesis of data within constraints imposed by the special requirements of the company or manufacturer. Industrial design places emphasis on those aspects of the product or system that relate most directly to human characteristics, needs, and interests. Industrial design work requires a specialized understanding of visual, tactile, and usability criteria, as well as the ability to prepare drawings, models and verbal descriptions to validate, communicate, and help implement the results of design work.

At Price Heneveld, we have the unique approach that industrial design takes to solving problems, including the use of iteration techniques and the focus on understanding and improving user experience. This understanding, along with our continued effort to follow the developing and evolving landscape of design patent protection and industrial design rights, allows us to obtain robust protection for our clients’ designs. We also work with our clients to develop strategies that combine design and utility protection, and counsel our clients on the potential impact of existing design rights throughout the development process.