Of all technical disciplines, mechanical engineering is perhaps the one in which Price Heneveld has the most knowledge. Mechanical engineering has played a critical role in nearly every technology we utilize today. From cars to carpet and seaplanes to cell phones, mechanical engineering plays a critical role during the design and manufacturing stages of products and consumables. Whether a new concept is pioneering or simply an improved design or method of manufacture for an existing piece of technology, mechanical engineering nearly always comes into play.

Price Heneveld knows this, and over the years has acquired a substantial group of patent attorneys with expertise that is particularly suited in addressing inventions related to mechanical engineering. In fact, many of the attorneys at our firm have worked as engineers in a variety of mechanically related industries including the automobile, aerospace, construction, and manufacturing industries.   Because of our firsthand experience with innovations in mechanical engineering at all stages of development, we are uniquely qualified to advise clients on potential infringement and invalidity issues, as well as concept development, patent procurement and enforcement.