Grand Rapids IP Reception at The Knickerbocker

Price Heneveld hosted a reception at New Holland Brewing’s The Knickerbocker on June 2nd, featuring presentations on various intellectual property topics followed by a panel discussion.  Dan Hoovler began the presentations by discussing practical considerations and strategies for provisional applications, followed by Mike Hages and Mark Willard, who presented on using design patents in the strategic development of product configuration trade dress protection, and lastly, Aaron Wong discussed the 2020 Trademark Modernization Act and the tools it provides to trademark owners.

Brian Ainsworth moderated the panel discussion with Kirk Goodwin, Mary Elizabeth Mauro, Greg Brown, and Sandra Thompson, who hold various in-house positions at Whirlpool Corporation, Stryker, Ford Global Technologies, and Gentex Corporation, respectively.  The panel discussed criteria for project evaluation, utilizing complementary IP protections, and global portfolio management.

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Brian Cheslek, Managing Partner at Price Heneveld, introduces the presenters.

Presenters Aaron Wong, Brian Cheslek, Mark Willard, Dan Hoovler and Mike Hages

Brian Ainsworth moderated a panel discussion featuring Kirk Goodwin (Whirlpool Corporation), Mary Elizabeth Mauro (Stryker), Greg Brown (Ford Global Technologies), and Sandra Thompson (Gentex Corporation).

Panelists Kirk Goodwin, Greg Brown, Sandra Thompson, and Mary Elizabeth Mauro with moderator Brian Ainsworth